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Last night Lindsay, Daisy & myself trotted off to see The Stereophonics at Wembley. I've no idea whether they were any good or not as I'm writing this on the previous Friday *

Tonight we're hosting the rather splendid Danny & The Champions of The World in Witney. I have a feeling I know what they'll be like wink. Might be a few tickets on the door.

Feedback and a few pics on both sometime next week.

Fairhazel is the moniker of London-based Hugh Macdonald. Today's TunA is his debut single and draws inspiration from the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which details a Buddhist’s journey from death to reincarnation....so that's you lot told!!

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* Update 5.29am Sat 3 March....NO WE DIDN'T...THE BEAST FROM THE EAST PUT PAID TO THAT!!! surprise


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